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michael kors outlet online All the stories from July last year to start, from the consumers in California Tressa gattinella, due to the shop to be sold to buy Michael kors a white jeans, had Tressa is to see jeans priced at $79.99, compared to original suggested retail price of $120 cheaper for count down, at least hit the 6-7 fold. Because of the cost, she is willing to buy, but the defendant is informed that the price of the wrong jeans, 79.99 yuan is let out discount, and no so-called discount. michael kors bags

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cheap michael kors handbags If change we are confronted with such circumstances, presumably to touch a nose to put down the dress, decided not to buy, the top complaints about talkative and is not as big, but the Tressa to choke the. michael kors cheap She thinks Michael kors is deception fraud behavior, not the two pricing in jeans, so that consumers mistakenly think that a discount, angrily to sue. cheap michael kors purses

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cheap michael kors bags In this regard, Michael kors official proposed statement outlet discount stores and stores the actual price there is still a gap, more emphasis on brand absolutely no concealment or deception, the jeans there is no discount, is purely a misunderstanding. However into the judicial process, and is a war of attrition, brand seems in no mood to play down, rushed up, stop loss point, nodded his mistake in the price process is defective, willing to pay $480 million litigation costs, let things calm down, and to ensure that in the future price will pay more attention. michael kors outlet store

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