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Instructions for Patients, Clinics and Clinicians

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Legal Disclaimer Use will indicate agreement


A. How patients register to get service:

Patients register for FREE with e-mail verification.

1Login or Register for FREE with e-mail verification.

2Read about Service. Use will indicate agreement to terms.

3. Secure communications: View options for private consults.

4. Enter: Clinician Directory, find clinician. Directory use is FREE.

5Enter web office. Use: Request service or enter scheduled appointment.


B. How Clinics and clinicians register to provide service:


1. Clinician: Register after reading Membership and Office Options.

2. Group member: Enter your group code in Login.

3. Group Administrator: Register a group

4. Special orders for groups, clinics or clinicians: Contact Us.


C. Things patients should know before selecting a clinician:

Before one enters a therapeutic relationship with a clinician, some information should be obtained and considered. Answers concerning type of treatment, location, cost or specialty will differ with each professional. Clients have a right to have questions answered before they decide to enter the therapeutic relationship and "buy" a professional service. In other words, "consent" to enter treatment should be "informed." Some of the answers to the following questions may be found on each provider's web page.  We cannot answer these questions for the providers of service, as answers will differ with each individual clinician/client relationship. You may wish to have all the information at once, or not all of it. Here are some of the important questions you should consider asking a therapist:

* What are your credentials? How long have you been in practice?
* How will therapy be conducted? How long would it take?
* Will consults online differ from in-person sessions?
* What are the chances of getting better or worse? Are there any risks involved?
* Are there alternative methods or treatments that may be helpful?
* What happens if there is an emergency? What should be done?
* What happens if clinician is away or on vacation and the patient needs help?
* Do the clinician keep records? Who gets to see records and how?
* Is all information given kept confidential? Are there limits to confidentiality?
* What are the fees for serice? Will these be covered by my insurance?
* Where do clients go with questions or complaints about treatment?  More detail: Legal Disclaimer


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