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Interactive Medical Office by OnlineClinics (TM)

An Interactive Medical Office: Simple. Paperless. Private.

Membership Options and Web Office Price.

Register an individual practice.

Register a group.


The Interactive Web office: Features and membership benefits

* Clinics DirectoryList, promote and market your practice for FREE.

* Self-management: Control site content and set your service price.

* Schedule: Allow existing and new patients to request service- FREE.

* Secure Chat: Use original solution for private communications(*).

Secure e-mail: Unlimited private communications- FREE.

* Credit card billing: Independent secure billing. Registration is FREE.

* Insurance claims (optional): Process claims and Bill Insurance(*).

* Cost-effective: Multi-functional web office for the best price in the market.

* Quality: Join the network that published EthicsCode.com in 1999.


(* ) Clinicians are responsible for usage, such as for cost of incoming toll free calls, billing insurance online and use of secure chat. Get details in Provider Agreement below.

Provider Agreement l Secure communications Privacy Policy




Clinics Directory: Find a clinician, clinic or psychologist

Online Counseling: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

OnlineClinics verified members honor ETHICS Code and HONcode.

OnlineClinics (TM) was created in 1999. Uptaded: Novebmer 3, 2011

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