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Clinicians register here to self-manage a Private Web Office.

Clinicians and clinics get FREE listing in Clinics Directory.

Offices include secure schedule, chat and e-mail.

CLASSIC office is RENT FREE for first year.

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A. Membership Options for Clinics and Clinicians


           1. Registered Member: FREE listing.

Requirements: Register and show proof of professional status.

Benefits: List your practice with OnlineClinics' Clinician Directory.

Price: FREE!


2. Verified Member or Group member with Web Office.

Requirements: Register, login, select office, complete verification, accept Agreement.

Benefits: FREE listing in Clinician Directory. Self-managed web office.

Price: $10-$25 per month depending on size (Excluding usage. See: C).

One time credentials verification: $95.


3. Groups/Clinics: Get details and Register.

Requirements: Contact us.

Benefits: Manage group site and give web offices to members.

Price: See Group and Extended Group below.

One time credentials verification: $95.

B. Web Office Options- Click for Details and Price

1. CLASSICA 1 page interactive web site for the individual practice.

2. SILVER: A 3 page interactive web site for the individual practice.

3. GOLD: A 5 page interactive web site for the healthcare practice.

4. EXTENDED GOLD: A 10 page web site for groups of up to 10.

5. GROUP: A 20 page web site for groups of up to 50 clinicians.

6. EXTENDED GROUP: A 30 page site for groups of up to 1000.

7. Special orders? Contact Service@OnlineClinics.com.


C. Usage Fees, Rent and Operating Costs


Regardless of any promotion related to registration, verification or web office rent, clinicians are still responsible to cover third party usage charges, such as for billing insurance online, toll free calls or secure chat, if used to serve clients.


The e-mail feature: Included with web office. FREE for unlimited use.


Secure schedule: Included with web office. FREE for unlimited use.


Secure chat: Included with web office. Use is 10 cents per minute. 


Toll free: Optional. See cost of calls at the bottom of Provider Agreement.


Credit card processing: FREE registration with third party provider.


Insurance claims: To Bill insurance online, one-time registration with authorized third party provider is required. OnlineClinics' members get a special group discount for registration and usage  fees.


About Operating Costs:


Professionals may factor in the cost of secure communication and usage when calculating service rates for visitors. 


Groups may rent web offices to their staff to reduce or even eliminate their operating cost, provide the offices with a discount or give these to staff use for free once a group account is opened. Contact: Service at OnlineClinics.com for details.


D. General Requirements and More Information

Documentation: For all registration options, a copy of license, liability insurance and/or other supporting documentation must be sent to company before activation. Mail: POB 460 Bogota NJ 07603 USA. Fax number is: 201 692 8507.

Verified Membership requirements: Members honor Provider AgreementHONcode and Ethics Code

Public display: Once approved, the details of the clinician's name, professional field, degree, office telephone, office e-mail, office city and state will appear in the Clinician Directory and the web office, if that option was selected and activated. To observe clinicians' privacy, OnlineClinics can provide a private e-mail account and Toll free extension to Verified members with a web office.

Self management: Members use their Password and User name to self-manage their private web office, upload text and images, set up and use the independent credit card billing and/or insurance claim processing services.

Clinicians are directly responsible to post service price, details and accurate data. Clinicians are responsible for the quality of their work, management of their web office, billing, treatment, schedule, and all other service practices and activities.  OnlineClinics is NOT involved in any way with the content of the clinician web site or quality of services given by clinicians to visitors. 

Register here. Group administrator? Register a group



Clinics Directory: Find a clinician, clinic or psychologist

Online Counseling: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

OnlineClinics verified members honor ETHICS Code and HONcode.

OnlineClinics (TM) was created in 1999. Uptaded: Novebmer 3, 2011

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