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Secure communication

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Registered members use the secure chat and e-mail encryption features by OnlineClinics for secure communications.

Secure e-mail


OnlineClinics enables users to encrypt all e-mail communications with an integrated solution found in account management. To use, go to Encrypt/Decrypt in account management after login. The service is FREE for members and registered users.




Registered patients can schedule an appointment for chat, e-mail, telephone or in office consult with their selected provider. The Request Service and schedule features are FREE.


Secure chat


The secure chat feature allows private communications between a clinician and client. The secure chat also allows for multiple users, such as in group or family sessions. Usage cost for the clinicians is 10 cents per minute. Service charges for patients are determined by the clinicians and depends on the service, specialty and/or location.


Visitors and patients: Secure communication option is recommended


OnlineClinics encourages users to consider encrypting e-mail communications and using secure chat. The features is found in account management. Clinicians are required to have secure e-mail and chat capability available, and use of such is a recommended option for visitors. 


Clinicians: Secure communication option is required


OnlineClinics enables use of secure chat and e-mail encyption. OnlineClinics requires that Verified clinicians explain possible risks to confidentiality of online communications and offer secure (encrypted) means of communications to their visitors.




Providers and visitors may wish to safely keep records of their private communications. To protect users' privacy and unlike other operations online, OnlineClinics DOES NOT keep records with the content of visitors' communications. Privacy Policy.


Securing data and billing


OnlineClinics uses authorized third party suppliers to securely process personal data, such as insurance claims or credit card payments. OnlineClinics is proud to work with JP Morgan Chase and Verisign. Company does not sell or share private client data. For internal use only, Company keeps details that allow monitoring of usage for billing, statistics and tax purposes.


Cost: Use of secure chat costs the clinician 10 cents per minute. Encrypt/Decrypt E-mail and Schedule features are FREE.



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OnlineClinics verified members honor ETHICS Code and HONcode.

OnlineClinics (TM) was created in 1999. Uptaded: Novebmer 3, 2011

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