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Group Admin registration

The Interactive Medical Office by OnlineClinics was designed to bring healthcare online: expand service, simplify access, save time, secure schedule, billing and comunications, reduce operating costs and increase profits. 

The benefits of group registration:

* Give or rent to group members a secure, self-managed Interactive Medical Office.

* Large healthcare organizations can get the system and group site for FREE.

* Get a competitive edge: Offer secure, fully interactive health care services online.

* Self-manage the group site with easy Admin tools for full control of operations.

* Group administration can manage pricing of the web offices for members.  

* Market your participating professionals and their services beyond the local community.

* Training and staff education, customization as well as on-going customer support.

See Interactive Web Office Features and Advantages

Note: CPT code 0074T now allows reimbursement for online consults.

To register a group, contact: Service@OnlineClinics.com. Toll free: 1-877-375-7287.





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OnlineClinics verified members honor ETHICS Code and HONcode.

OnlineClinics (TM) was created in 1999. Uptaded: Novebmer 3, 2011

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