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Clinics, doctors, therapists and psychologists self manage private clinics online. Patients get service online, over the phone or schedule visits for the office.


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Clinicians and clinics are listed for FREE in the Clinician Directory.


Patients can get service online, via telephone or in the office.


Verified clinicians self-manage a private Web Office.


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A.  How patients register, request and start service


1Register for FREE with e-mail verification.

2. Read Instructions. Use will indicate agreement to terms.

3. Secure communications: See options for private consults.

4. Login. Enter: Clinician Directory, find clinician. Search is FREE.

5Enter web office. Request service or Enter scheduled appointment.


B. How clinics and clinicians register with OnlineClinics


1. Clinician: Register after review of Membership and Office Options.

2. Group member: Enter your group code in Login.

3. Group Administrator: Register a group

4. Special designs for groups, clinics or clinicians: Contact Us.

5. To operate office: Login. Use Manage Services to handle service requests. Use Encrypt/Decrypt for secure e-mail. Use Enter Chat in web office to initiate secure chat session.


Register AFTER review of Options and Price. Administrator? Register group

OnlineClinics Verified members follow Ethics Code and HONCode. OnlineClinics is HIPAA compliant


C. What is a Consult? What is Educational or Expert Advice?


Unlike therapy, consults do not include the full process of diagnosis and treatment. Educational consults are like getting an expert's advice, but without the agreement to diagnose or enter treatment. In most cases, providers of educational consults have no responsibility for case management or follow up.


D. What is Therapy? What is Psychotherapy? What is Treatment?


In general, the term "therapy" or "treatment" is associated with the process of healing or recovering. Psychotherapy is mostly an interpersonal and personal process which aims to help people understand and better cope with conditions, emotions or perceptions. A Therapeutic Relationship exists when a licesed healthcare provider is contracted by a client to provide diagnosis and/or treatment. 


E. The initial evaluation: Consult, treatment or referral?


Healthcare service usually starts with an evaluation process. The initial evaluation may take 1-3 sessions. In case the initial evaluation also requires diagnostic testing, the specific purpose, duration and cost of such assessments should be discussed ahead of time. At the end of the initial evaluation, findings, alternatives and recommendations are discussed. Referrals, treatment or consults may also be offred. See: Informed Consent.


F. Fees, appointments, procedures


The cost of in-office or online office service is determined by the clinician or the medical insurance company. Initial online and telephone consults are often offred for FREE. In case a third party is covering this service, a client's signature and/or insurance company and policy details may be needed to indicate agreement to process the claim and forward the reimbursement to the provider. Some clinicians also offer secure processing of credit card payment online. Consult the selected provider directly to get information about service rates, schedule and other details. 


Note: Since July 2004, CPT code 0074T allows clinicians in the USA to submit claims for professional services which are provided to patients online. Consult your provider and/or insurance company directly to find more about their specific billing policies. 

G. About service providers

Clinicians are responsible to post service price, details, updated and accurate data. Clinicians are directly responsible for the quality of their work, management of their web office, billing, treatment, schedule, and all other service activities.  OnlineClinics itself DOES NOT provide healthcare services. Company is NOT involved in any way with the content of members' web sites or quality of services, which are provided directly by the clinicians to their visitors. 



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Clinics Directory: Find a clinician, clinic or psychologist

Online Counseling: A Handbook for Mental Health Professionals

OnlineClinics verified members honor ETHICS Code and HONcode.

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